Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dreams, Desires and Destiny



     Dream,the deep incognizable root  of every hope ,an unknown secret to look forward a new pace.sometimes portends a strange story,sometimes the real dogma..sometimes exhorting exigence by reflecting the past mistakes,while sometimes drowning in a mysterious ocean by fantasizing the future perfection…
          We are always unaware of where this fairy tunnel called ‘Dream’  really end up us ..will it take to that destiny or turn out to a mere desire.Mr Kalam somewhere says that “Dream is not what you see in sleep,dream is which does not let you sleep”.Every dream  does not turn into to bounded desire,but every desire can turn into a dream..

       Sometimes the dream gets built on the conscious extreme desire for some possession, while sometimes unconsciously  nesting an unknown true love for something depending upon the way the person believes and  perceives life .The former will lead dream ending up as a desire,and the latter  as a destiny.
       If it was a desire for Mr Kalam to become a scientist,the only two possibilities were ‘may be’ and ‘may not be’.But it was a constant inward push towards a  strong unspecific ardor with no specific bounds made us fortune to see such a rare ‘Genius’!!.

       I am not trying to say that every unknown ,unspecific craze will take to the destiny.If that unknown love is true,then it will never die ,how hard the life tries to dislocate.At a certain point of time the exact insight explore into the conscience and that inner thirst  starts exhibiting itself in outer actions.

       In spite of any dismal failures,in midst of all disastrous tragedies ,constant languishing words by people,exhaustion of all past glory,infinite misleading questions ,a strange spirit holds the hand, forcing the soul to realize what it wants to be and drives with a strange vibrant energy to reach  that point of tunnel  where ultimately light makes its presence,the glacier of confusion starts melting..the point where that inner  volcano extrude,and  that unknown ,unspecific passion wakes up ,struggling with unimaginable  power  finally crowned at that place where it consistently dreamt to be.