Saturday, July 31, 2010


इंतज़ार बिना अदुरी हैं  ज़िन्दगी
इंतज़ार ही जीवन हैं
कुछ तलाश ,कुछ चाहतें 
कुछ सिफारिश,और कुछ गुजारिशें

क्वाब को पूरी करने की इंतज़ार
लम्हें  कैद होते देखने की इंतज़ार
सप्नोकी कसौटी हैं इंतज़ार
निराशाकी नयी उमंग हैं इंतज़ार

यादों में सम्हाजाता हैं हर इंतज़ार

सुका दर्ति को उस पहली बूंद का इंतज़ार
काले बादलों  को सूरज की पहली किरण का 
रंगीला पतंग को आस्मान चूने का इंतज़ार
पोदोंको पानी की अन्मोल स्पर्श का

उस तंडी  बारिश में एक cup चाय का इंतज़ार
कांम पूरा होने पर किसी की बदाई का                          
किसी  मासूम को चाँद दर्ति  उतरने का इंतज़ार
और किसी तन्हा आंकों को पहली प्यार की गुजारिश का           

उन् नन्हे कानोंको school की लम्बी गंटी बजने का इंतज़ार
माँ को उस्की लाड़ गर  आने का
तंडी  हवांको सागर की लेहरों से केल्ने का इंतज़ार
पैड़ोंको उसी तंडी हवांको चूने का

हर एक पल कर्ती हैं ज़िन्दगी की यादों में सम्हेट ने की इंतज़ार
आशायोंको पूरी होतें हुवें देक्ने का
हर क्वाब की पिचें हैं इंतज़ार
वक्त गुजरता जाता हैं,फिर बे हम करेंगे ..........
हर रास्ते की आगे

हर रात के बाद नयी सुबह का इंतज़ार
हर बूरे के बाद कुछ अच्चायीं का
कुछ लम्हों को रोंक ले कुछ पल के लिए
क्यूंकि इंतज़ार ही जीवन हैं
इंतज़ार बिना अदुरी हैं ज़िन्दगी

Thursday, July 15, 2010

life calling

Dilating conjure encompass each creature with its roberant captive power.

Mazarine above that ebony tree Dwaine, accompanying seizeless time sprinkling the same hard branches with gorgeous sparkling beams .Swarthy land forgot those robust rifts created, now revamping to verdant again. The dried up hopes fledging with new colors each day to have the best.

Yet, one can’t go off, need to listen after all its ‘LIFE CALLING!!!!’ man…

Desires flicker floriating new thoughts imbibing into flouncing minds. Still those flippant talks, unknown failures, agony, eternal fights to survive fling mawkish maze. Yet each day a new day!!!, the same old linoleum getting new colors waking up the tired flimsy mind to revoke and run behind an unknown voice…..

The thorny pains often squeeze the tolerance. Still we need to stay in front like a strong hundred year old Banyan tree .

The broad lane with its two sides so bifurcated, some are gobbling everything having dire imperialism enjoying the great glory, while other languid lives still searching for mainstay in that gloom for their survival.

The disarray justice of life lavished some faces, disdained many creating a great barrier on its strong foundation of unresolved disparity.

Dismal eyes still having eternal expectations in spite of nothing,no one to hold those wrinkled hands in their evening of life.

Still some innocent dreams sparkling through those souls, awaiting new dawn believing the presence of some divine power in its vengeance scatters darkness, and woe through the dreary regions of misery.

Whatever it is the existence and agency of some roberant spirit which everything virtue and efficacy, without which there can be no life, no sensibility, no energy, no new hopes sprouting ,no thoughts emerging, no dreams spawning.

The captive power still harvesting in every lives the ‘NEW’ with its Miracling magnanimous magic, enlivening each day to wait for something good, sprinkling the dark lane with its spinning corpuscles of new hopes, changing the dogma with unbelievable evolution ,making everyone to ever listen to that unknown call by ‘LIFE’.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First touch................

Impalpable commence into an unknown realm.
Agazed eyes,senses looking around so warm.
Eyerything bewildered my tender  thoughts.
But,that first touch enlivened new concocts.

Cordial entwinement,candid hilarity
bloomed rejoices, drove all paucity.
Eminent cheers,affable embracement
emerged new dreams,new faiths for accompolishment.

You sparkled creativity,hopes,alleviated my fears.
Experienced elegance of love,detained my tears.
Glad for those hopes,those hugs which imbibed majesty,
for those courageous words,for those mystic moral gratuity.

You taught affability,helped to contemplate.
Blandished all my desires making life not to be complicate.
You cautioned when my conscience about to nuance.
Enlightened an intuition into dismaled cognizance.

That first mesmerizing touch....
miraculous  hands always be ready when I fall,when I raise..
The most divine spirit,deifiable legend
that is you mother,an eternal almighty.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disillusic sapience

Opposites are believed to be contradictory but in real they are accompanying, supporting each other …sounds bit illogical, but that’s true……

Will the black identifiable if white won’t surrounds its scope?
Is a small spark of light dominates without the dingy gloom???
Is life deified without the encompassed death?
Success will be despised if we had never seen failures……
Who waits for dawn without the existence of night??
Laughter’s won’t look genial if we had not at all seen disconsolate faces……..
Will truth becomes devine without the shadow of falsity?
Life is miraculous amalgamation of differences, which seems contrasting to the outer contour, but askancely  contributing and veridically asserting each others existence…..