Friday, August 28, 2009


Glimpsing, mesmerizing, twinkling star

dazzling in the night sky so far.

Soundless night, with dreadful mist

It is nothing but nature’s suspense gift.

Mountain dew illuminated by moon light

Chuckling owl, clinging just upright.

Whispering stream, blossoming flowers

Snowiest storm, showering for several hours.

Moon is the king, stars being the subordinates

Sky is the territory with no boundary.

Vapors of water spreading through out the lawn

The calm ,mysterious night end with the arrival of dawn


Golden arrows strikes the earth
early in the snow barred morning.
Wakes up the world and makes bright
with its spinning corpuscles of light.

With its reach,
the morning mist begins to corrode.
Birds left their nests,
Searching food and flying so high around

Oh, how beautiful!
to see drifted snow drops on the leaves,
enjoying the scene where colorful flowers blossomed
and mild fragment which gives.

The river shines like diamonds bright whirlpool
flows across the mountain valley
reaching a small lake in an ever green forest cool
seems like green pearls rally.

The bright rays strikes the mountain floor
like golden embroidery on a green grass blanket
morning mist seems just as it is bounded in an glittering net.
looks as it is opening the heaven’s door
The whole gloom of night
will just end with a short span of light
making the whole world active bright.
It’s sunbeams, the mystery of great.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hide me before the dogged evils of life
against agony,against misery.

Hide me before the minacious hard cores,
which hinder my strength,my beliefs.

Hide my sorrow before others joy

like tears losing existence,while sinking in heavy rain.
Hide me before ineradicable selfishness,

against unseen devils of this world.

Hide my tears before my failures,

before menace,before amoral truths.

I am not running away from hard realities,

finding a way to see new dawn of life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bindumalini is one of the most fantastic classical raagas I had heard.By wish of dad even I am named Bindumalini:)

enta muddo(Raag Bindumalini)

Bindumalini is an ubhaya vakra shadava janya raga with vakra sancharas in both Arohi and Avarohi, derived from the 16th mela Chakravakom. Dha is deleted in the arohana and Ma in the avarohana. Eka svara vakra raga Ga being the vakra svara in the arohana and Ni in the avarohana. An upanga raga in which Ga and Ni are amsa svaras. A raga that can be sung always and admits of tristhayi svara sancharas. An auspicious minor raga. Bindumalni is one of the ragas that came into prominance through the compositions of Thyagaraja.
Songs in bindumalini:
Ambika ennai kan par ambika-Adi
Bhama shikhamani-Adi-Madurai G.S.Mani
Darshimpavachchu- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Entamuddo enta sohaso evarivalla varnimpa-Adi-Tyagaraja
Jagadadharamu- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Jagadishvariye rajarajeshvari-Adi-R.Vishveshvaran
Kani nilam vendum-Adi-Subramania Bharati
Karana bhutudavu nivera devadi devulaku- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Kshatriya kula samhara dosha nivruttikai- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Monnu kongidi janokaiki mokshiku vades-Adi-Natanagopalanayaki
Muchchataina muddu momu jupara dasharati- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Orulevvaru- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Sama gana vilola- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Sheshadri vasa- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Shrila velayu svarupa svabhavale ni sahaja guna- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Sundarangulaku- -Sriramachandra Murti Sistla
Tadara tani tom dhru dhru dhim (t)-Adi-Chitravina N.Ravikiran
Tillana-Adi-Lalgudi Jayaraman
It is an Upanga raga and can be sung at all times. It is a minor auspicious raga.
Arohanam: Sa, Ga3, Ri1, Ga3, Ma1, Pa, Ni2, SA*
Avarohanam: SA*, Ni2, SA*, Dha2, Pa, Ga3, Ri, Sa
Swaras used are Shudda Ri, Antara Ga, Shudda Ma, Chatusruti Dha and Kaisiki Ni. Antara Ga(Gandhara) and Kaisiki Ni (Nishada ) are raga chaya swaras.
Tyagaraja had composed Yenta Muddo in Bindumalini, had been very popular in carnatic music history.
There is no equivalent of Bindumalini in Hindustani music. Raga Bibhas has some resembence

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eclipse on july 22

Eclipse is a miraculus natural phenomenon, symbolizing magnanimous power of the sun. It is an event of light and shadow play expressing the evolution existing in life of the earth. So far we had seen many eclipses which either motive the people scientifically or traditionally. The solar eclipse that took place on 22 july 2009 had its own importance now in the cosmic history.

. Solar eclipse 2009, the longest total eclipse in the 21st century, will last for more than six and a half minutes at it’s peak, and black out the world’s most populous countries as it passes directly over India and China. The stream will commence at 0000 UTC, as the Moon first starts to obscure the Sun, tracking the phenomenon until the Sun is totally obscured at 0059 UTC and conclude when the Moon has passed out of the path of the Sun’s rays at 0206 UTC

In just a few hours time the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century will begin as the Moon gradually tracks a path across the front of the Sun, sending the worlds most populous nations into a premature twilight.

Thousands of people from Japan, the US and Europe have made their way to China and India to observe the natural phenomenon, which will not be exceeded in length for another 123 years.

Solar eclipse 2009 will make landfall at 6.30am local time (0030 UTC) on the western Indian state of Gujarat before racing across India, blacking out the holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges, squeezing between the northern and southern tips of Bangladesh and Nepal before engulfing most of Bhutan, traversing the Chinese mainland and slipping back out to sea off Shanghai

China and India will both experience a total eclipse, while Thailand, parts of Indonesia, Burma and Laos will all experience a partial eclipse.

For people living outside of these areas a number of live video streams have been set up so they can track the Moons shadow The eclipse began on the 22nd of July 2009 at around 5:30 am IST in India and spended almost two hours passing the subcontinent. The path of totality will pass through central India passing over Surat, Ujjain, Baroda, Bhopal, Patna, Darjeeling, and Dibrugarh in the far east. Rest assured the Bohemians will be out there somewhere chasing the eclipse.!!!!

Even when 99% of the Sun''s surface (the photosphere) is obscured during the partial phases of a solar eclipse. This is primarily because nearing totality the ambient light levels become so less that our pupils dilate and the iris tries to allow in more light into the eye. During the partial phase any surge in sunlight, like the one seen during a diamond ring formation can cause excessive solar radiation entering the eye and causing a burn on the retina.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Never ending search for Happiness

What people not tried to be happy?.Doesn't it seems to be an obscure search. Because we always keep tend to have things without knowing where will be its real existence. Happiness is one such a thing, if you start searching for it by some specific means then it is a never ending journey, endless hunt. 
Happiness is such a thing that must be created. Yes it the ultimate truth, many people will never come to know in their entire life time and just run behind many things to find the almighty ‘happiness’. They live in such a virtual world, they would have missed most precious events of ‘LIFE’.A very best example a baby which uses to be  so happy with very minute things  like drizzle, a cute bird flew in front of, an insect passing  it… . 
 But the same baby when grow old will start perceiving that its happiness is now with some chocolates, toys, or having something not found with its friends. Where that happiness now gone the child got with all small happenings of life? .Why it is now restricting the enjoyment within specific confinement?. 
All this is because of our never ending desires . And we often express them as gaining joy.  Desire and happiness never ever the same. But at some point the desire turns out to be the happiness . And we strongly  start believing that existence of happiness lies in satisfying the desire and dreams.  
 Being happy is the state of mind.It can never be achieved by materialistic possession  .We can be happy even with small things of life.It is not mandatory that riding a Ferrari car, sitting in some star hotel, building bank balances are the solemn reasons to be happy.Spending time with your loved ones, a newly prepared/tried food, vibrant short sunset, cool breezes near the seashore ,enjoying all old refreshing  good hobbies .... aren't these never been your reasons of joy?.World is vast beyond what we see, what we think.Try to find the word 'Happiness' even with small things, rather than confining to some very specific ambition.Each day will be something special when you start finding meaning in each facet of life.Each page of life will then start speaking an interesting story with reloaded memories.Make life meaningful than setting a very dramatic desire and running behind that.Somewhere when you look back, you would have missed so many joyous moments while looking for something big...Each second is something special, before  reach your exact time..cheers...