Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blessed bliss……. that’s learning.

Life is such a miraculous journey where each day, each second we could learn something.It is so glad to thank all those who are making this travel so meaningful and easier, that’s one who always stood beside us keeping the lamp of knowledge to face this unknown gloomy way called life.

Learning is a continuous process starting from the first breath till the end.

A new born baby starts learning this world each day by experiencing, observing, excavating in the world of practicality. Surely knowledge comes by learning realities with absolute passion.

My parents being the first tutors in my life, also led the role of great philosophers who not only taught me something in books but real cores of life, idealism and helped me to introspect in every sense.

I believe everyone who contributes in one or the other way in exploring beauties as well as miseries of life will obviously play the role of a teacher. Because in all those modes ,we are surely be learning something.

Whenever I go back to my school days, I always feel very thankful to my headmistress ‘Mrs Concepta D Costa’ who identified me and helped me to excavate my talents. She gave me immense support and made my school days so colorful so that I could carry a treasure of unprecedented memories and experiences for the rest of my life.

Even if we ask any adult they could be able to remember the teacher they admired

rather what they use to taught them. That’s a common tendency.

Life itself play a very great role of teaching new things in all its different perspectives through experiences, inspirations, problems and agony we came across

Challenges, hopes, faiths and through pasts.

A teacher is such a person who help to come out of dogged evils surrounding us, one who inspires us real and idealistic principles, one who always stand beside us to light the path of life through knowledge and hopes, one who not only teach some stuffs in books, rather direct you to come out of absonant thinkings, inspires you to abandon
unmoral truths one who take you away from those inanimate beliefs held you, one who propel you to protest against nescience and injustice, one who gives those noble ideas which ultimately open up the pragmatism existing in this world to face all imperils, challenges and hard real cores of life.

A humble honour to all those great souls who are motivating in such a way so that we could experience the beauty and elegance of whole life.

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