Saturday, April 17, 2010

First touch................

Impalpable commence into an unknown realm.
Agazed eyes,senses looking around so warm.
Eyerything bewildered my tender  thoughts.
But,that first touch enlivened new concocts.

Cordial entwinement,candid hilarity
bloomed rejoices, drove all paucity.
Eminent cheers,affable embracement
emerged new dreams,new faiths for accompolishment.

You sparkled creativity,hopes,alleviated my fears.
Experienced elegance of love,detained my tears.
Glad for those hopes,those hugs which imbibed majesty,
for those courageous words,for those mystic moral gratuity.

You taught affability,helped to contemplate.
Blandished all my desires making life not to be complicate.
You cautioned when my conscience about to nuance.
Enlightened an intuition into dismaled cognizance.

That first mesmerizing touch....
miraculous  hands always be ready when I fall,when I raise..
The most divine spirit,deifiable legend
that is you mother,an eternal almighty.


Vinay Hegde said...

Is it a gift to ya mom on eve of Mother's Day??? Nice quotes... Liked it..!!!

Bindumalini said...

Thank you vini:)