Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advaita, uniting me with you.....

Advatita ,the spiritual theory of non dualism  is not just a religious commentary but a way of realizing the dominating truth which strewn across the mystical landscapes of India through the exquisite philosopher Adi Shankara.

He consolidated the doctrine of Advaita vedanta in his commentories on the "Prasthana Trayi" as "Brahma satyam jagat mithya,jivo Brahmaiva na parah".According to the philosophy the "supreme" cosmic energy(Brahman) is the only reality and everything else are illusionary.The concept proposes the non-dualism by uniting each individual soul is nothing but very minute representation of one ultimate spirit.

There is no need to explore for the existence of this chief power,to think of its shape,vastness,color,effects....
   That is the intangible force holding the entire universe with miraculous energy to create lives,to support their existence,whether we believe it as gravitational force ,or oxygen or water,or food,it's all nothing but realization of the same omnipotent power in different perception.The only reality which is the creator,survivor,destroyer,which is the energy in the vibrant fire,in the whirlwind,in the waves ,in the magnanimous power of the universe,in the phantasm vibrations,in the sounds,lights,lives,dead... ...

    The theory of non dualism laid foundation for harmony,peace and unity by not distinguishing me from you,treating everything existing ,evolving and finally  ending from that eternal  absolute,transcendental,omnipresent ,infinite spirit which we try to perceive in name of "God" .


shan said...

brilliant summary!

Unknown said...

am not competent on Sankara's philosophy.
but i feel Sankara enunciated this philosophy at that time when people are bewildered by Buddhism.

We don't know anything for sure. All paths are right.

can't two different souls unite with each other?

Bindumalini Vaidyakar said...

I feel you have some confusion in understanding the principle of Advaita.There is no concept of treating god n human as two different entities.Both are one and the same , dwelling in each individual depending upon the beliefs and actions of the person..

it is close to one of my favorite sufi quote below:

"God n Satan both reside within each one of us.The odyssey of our lives depends on the choice/s we make.We can choose to be either of the two"

so to be god or devil,s entirely just a reflection of our own personality. said...

u r right. there is confusion in me.
u r talking about choices we make.
u r also quoting a sufi saint in the context. does he mean we have a free will to be God or Devil? Do we do it once for all r several times depending on situations?
u r right. I am confused.