Friday, November 16, 2012


                                                                  A ceaseless sway....

Rifling whirlwinds or the chuckling dictates
settled dawns  or the wandering twilights
on the ridges of memories,
on the footpaths of forbidden
You pass on ...You pass on…

Stories on the old stone walls
promises of the psalm
reckoned dreams, surprised pains
a moment to mourn ,a celebration to cherish

In between the black and white
In between the water and fire
In between the life and  death
You pass on ..You pass on…

Defiant pauses, courtyards of words
Reverberating faces, dialects of silence.
The buried regrets, the sprouted spirits
a moment to stay off, a celebration to count on.

Rifted roads or the smoky sunshines..
scattered streams or the concentrating concocts..
On the dusts of past
On the curtains of future
On the dwellings of present
You pass on ...You pass on...

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