Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Never ending search for Happiness

What people not tried to be happy?.Doesn't it seems to be an obscure search. Because we always keep tend to have things without knowing where will be its real existence. Happiness is one such a thing, if you start searching for it by some specific means then it is a never ending journey, endless hunt. 
Happiness is such a thing that must be created. Yes it the ultimate truth, many people will never come to know in their entire life time and just run behind many things to find the almighty ‘happiness’. They live in such a virtual world, they would have missed most precious events of ‘LIFE’.A very best example a baby which uses to be  so happy with very minute things  like drizzle, a cute bird flew in front of, an insect passing  it… . 
 But the same baby when grow old will start perceiving that its happiness is now with some chocolates, toys, or having something not found with its friends. Where that happiness now gone the child got with all small happenings of life? .Why it is now restricting the enjoyment within specific confinement?. 
All this is because of our never ending desires . And we often express them as gaining joy.  Desire and happiness never ever the same. But at some point the desire turns out to be the happiness . And we strongly  start believing that existence of happiness lies in satisfying the desire and dreams.  
 Being happy is the state of mind.It can never be achieved by materialistic possession  .We can be happy even with small things of life.It is not mandatory that riding a Ferrari car, sitting in some star hotel, building bank balances are the solemn reasons to be happy.Spending time with your loved ones, a newly prepared/tried food, vibrant short sunset, cool breezes near the seashore ,enjoying all old refreshing  good hobbies .... aren't these never been your reasons of joy?.World is vast beyond what we see, what we think.Try to find the word 'Happiness' even with small things, rather than confining to some very specific ambition.Each day will be something special when you start finding meaning in each facet of life.Each page of life will then start speaking an interesting story with reloaded memories.Make life meaningful than setting a very dramatic desire and running behind that.Somewhere when you look back, you would have missed so many joyous moments while looking for something big...Each second is something special, before  reach your exact time..cheers... 

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