Friday, August 28, 2009


Golden arrows strikes the earth
early in the snow barred morning.
Wakes up the world and makes bright
with its spinning corpuscles of light.

With its reach,
the morning mist begins to corrode.
Birds left their nests,
Searching food and flying so high around

Oh, how beautiful!
to see drifted snow drops on the leaves,
enjoying the scene where colorful flowers blossomed
and mild fragment which gives.

The river shines like diamonds bright whirlpool
flows across the mountain valley
reaching a small lake in an ever green forest cool
seems like green pearls rally.

The bright rays strikes the mountain floor
like golden embroidery on a green grass blanket
morning mist seems just as it is bounded in an glittering net.
looks as it is opening the heaven’s door
The whole gloom of night
will just end with a short span of light
making the whole world active bright.
It’s sunbeams, the mystery of great.

1 comment:

Bindumalini said...

it's not exactly so poetic,I just tried to propagate the beautiful experience I came across in the early morning.